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The PRC is a comprehensive, online educational resource for the orthopaedic foot and ankle community. The PRC provides a single point of entry to a growing and focused source of peer-reviewed, high-quality educational materials.

You'll find videos, abstracts, handouts, and other printed materials from AOFAS Annual Meetings and Specialty Day programs, PDF documents of ePosters presented at meetings, clinical reports on selected orthopaedic conditions, and recordings from Annual Meetings, clinical courses and webinars.

 Search boxes are available throughout the PRC website. Search by author, title, keyword, or event. You can narrow your searches by selecting a filter from the search box dropdown menu.

The PRC is a multimedia site that will includes social collaboration and allows members to generate their own content through the physical upload portal.

For questions or additional information, please contact

2019-2020 PRC Committee Roster

Christopher Reb, DO, Committee Chair

M. Truitt Cooper, MD, Vice Chair

Richard Beaver, MD

Timothy Charlton, MD

Tyler Gonzalez, MD

Michael Greaser, MD

Amgad M. Haleem Amin, MD, PhD

Kurt Hofmann, MD

Mark Hagy, MD

Todd A. Irwin, MD

J. Ben Jackson, III MD

Ki Chun Kim, MD

Simon Lee, MD

David Macias, MD

Pradeep Moonot, MD

David Oji, MD

Joseph S. Park, MD – Ex-Officio

Eric W. Tan, MD

Daniel U. Thuillier, MD


Thank you to those who have contributed content to the PRC

Creation, review and tagging of content; beta testing; past committee members, and other contributions.

Samuel Adams, MD

Jamal Ahmad, MD

Chayanin Angthong, MD

Jason T. Bariteau, MD

Sudhir Belagaje, MD

Lawrence Berson, MD

Roberto Bevoni, MD

Adam Bitterman, DO

Eric Blumen, MD

Rebecca Cerrato, MD

Nicholas A. Cheney, DO

Brian E. Clowers, MD

M. Truitt Cooper, MD

Donald J. Covell, MD

Peter Deol, MD

Thomas Dowd, MD

John Early, MD

Scott Ellis, MD

John Paul Elton, MD

Timothy Fitzgibbons, MD

Erik C. Freeland, DO

Gearin A. Green, MD

Christopher E. Gross, MD

Steven Haddad, MD

Kamran S. Hamid, MD, MPH

Thomas Harris, MD

Casey Humbyrd, MD

James R. Jastifer, MD

Clifford Jeng, MD

Julie M. Johnson, MD

Paul Juliano, MD

Anish Kadakia, MD

Justin M. Kane, MD

Michael Kimball, MD

Brian D. Kleiber, MD

Johnny Lau, MD

Daniel Lehman, MD

Sheldon Lin, MD

Pamela C. Luk, MD

Steven Neufeld, MD

F. Ray Nickel, MD

Tye Ouzounian, MD

Joseph Park, MD

Paul G. Peters, MD

Anand Pillai, MS(Orth), MBBS, FRCS

Sourendra Raut, MD

Christopher W. Reb, DO

Sudheer C. Reddy, MD

Andrew J. Rosenbaum, MD

Vinayak M. Sathe, MS(Orth), MBBS, FRCS

Lew C. Schon, MD

Joshua Tennant, MD

Federico G. Usuelli, MD

J. Turner Vosseller, MD

Keith Wapner, MD

Troy Watson, MD

Joan R. Williams,MD

Richard Zell, MD

Jacob Zide, MD

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