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2016 Annual Meeting | Abstracts & Posters
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A Novel Method for Measurement of Ankle Joint Reaction Force and Response to Syndesmotic Injury
A Retrospective Study: Outcome of Rigid Fixation (Plating) for Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis
All-Arthroscopic AMIC for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: Clinical and Radiological Findings
Arthroscopic Plafond Access for Osteochondral Lesions- The Effect of Limited Ankle Range of Motion on Anterior and Posterior Arthroscopic Accessibility
Clinical Trial of Osteochondral Lesion of Talus Treated with Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell
Comparison of Juvenile Allogenous Articular Cartilage and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate versus Microfracture in Arthroscopic Treatment of Talar Osteochondral Lesions
Dynamic Ultrasonography During Nonoperative Treatment following Achilles Tendon Rupture
Functional Parameters of Gait Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty: Is Preoperative Diagnosis Predictive of Outcome?
Is Cigarette Use Associated with Increased Complication Rates and Worse Functional Outcomes Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty?
Predictors of Time to Clinical Union in Ankle Fractures
Prospective Evaluation of Structural Allograft Transplantation for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talar Shoulder
A Retrospective Case Series of Carbon Fiber Plate Fixation of Ankle Fractures
Anatomical Features of Dislocation of the Peroneal Tendon: -A Case Control Study-
Ankle Stress Radiographs Predict Lateral Ankle Instability Better Than MRI
Arthroscopic Deltoid Ligament Repair: Technique and Anatomic Study
Arthroscopic Talar Access for Osteochondral Lesions- The Effect of Limited Ankle Range of Motion on Anterior and Posterior Arthroscopic Accessibility.
Arthroscopic Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus with Allograft Cartilage Matrix
Comparison of Inpatient and Outpatient Ankle Fracture Surgery: A Multi-Center Retrospective Review
Distal Tibial Bone Grafting for Talar Dome Osteochondral Lesions: Novel Technique and Clinical Results
Driving Reaction Time After Left Sided Foot and Ankle Procedures
Evaluation of Normal Ankle Cartilage by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) T1ρ Mapping
Functional Outcomes of Gastrocnemius Recession for Isolated Gastrocnemius and Gastrocnemius-Soleus Contractures
Higher In-Hospital Complications in Ankle Fusion Than Ankle Arthroplasty: A Matched Cohort Study
Impact of Ethnicity on Tibial Morphometrics Relevant to Total Ankle Replacement
In-Vivo Kinematics of the Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joints in Asymptomatic Subjects with Application to Chronic Ankle Instability
Management of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus Using Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation: A Systematic Review
Management of Talar Nonunion With Extensive AVN of the Talar Dome by Resection of Talar Dome, Autograft and Hindfoot Nail
Measurement of Nitinol Recovery Distance Using Pseudoelastic Intramedullary Nail in Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis.
Medium-Term Outcomes Using Fresh Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation for Treatment of Large Osteochondral Lesion of the Talus
Modified Anatomic Hamstring Graft Reconstruction for Revision and Severe Cases of Lateral Ligament Instability
Optimum Insertional Direction of the Suture Anchor in Arthroscopic Lateral Ankle Ligament Repair
Outcomes and Complication Following Endoscopically-Assisted Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Repair
Posterior Arthroscopic Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusion: Surgical Technique and early results
Prospective Analysis of Isolated Gastrocnemius Recession for Achilles Tendinopathy; Intermediate Follow-up
Realignment Osteotomy in Fibular Malunion: Mid-Term Results in 19 Consecutive Patients
Reliability and Validity of Lower Extremity Computed Tomography as a Screening Tool for Osteoporosis
Results of Augmented Half-Thickness Tibialis Anterior Tendon Segment Transposition, a Novel Technique for Tibialis Anterior Tendon Reconstruction
Return to Active Duty Lifestyle After Modified Brostrom
Single-Stage Bipedicle Local Tissue Transfer and Skin Graft for Achilles Tendon and Posterior Heel Wound Complications
Subject-Specific Orientations of the Talocrural Joint Axes Estimated from the Morphology of the Talar Trochlea
Superior Tuber Displacement in Intra-Articular Calcaneus Fractures
Suture-Tape Augmentation for Chronic Ankle Instability
Tarsal Tunnel Release: Medium-Term Outcomes and Complications
The Arterial Anatomy of the Deltoid Ligament: A Cadaveric Study
The Subtalar Arthroscopic Findings After Osteosynthesis for Calcaneal Fractures
Treatment Outcomes of Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability Associated with Mild Cavovarus Deformity
Use of Liposomal Bupivacaine in Major Ankle and Hindfoot Surgery
Development of a Novel Small Animal Ankle Arthrodesis Model
Fluid Dynamics Play a Role In Distributing Ankle Stresses in Anatomic and Injured States
New Technique for Measuring Limb Occlusion Pressure Facilitates Personalized Tourniquet Systems: A Randomized Trial
Noninvasive Measurement of Normal Foot and Ankle Joint Reaction Force
Sustained Release of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 via Coacervate: A Novel Tissue Engineered Approach for Osteoarthritis Treatment
Tendinopathy Induced by Serial Low-Dose Collagenase Injections: A Novel Experimental Animal Model in the Achilles Tendon of Rabbits.
Tissue Biopsy in Infected Foot and Ankle Surgery: Do We Need a New Scalpel for Each Sampling Sites?
A Novel Stocking to Improve Venous Return Compared to the Class 1 Compression Stocking
Age Dependent Flexibility of Pediatric Flatfeet: a 3D Foot Analysis During Heel Raise
Distribution of Neuropeptides in the Synovium of Charcot Neuroarthropathy
Enhancing Osseointegration of Orthopaedic Implants with Titania Nanotube Surfaces
Gas Formation and Its Effect After Implantation of Bioabsorbable Metal Magnesium
Incidence and Risk Factors of Venous Thromboembolism After Foot and Ankle Surgery
Inter-Segmental Foot Kinematics During Gait in Elderly Females with Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Hallux Valgus
Inter-Segmental Foot Motions in Children and Adolescents Using a Three-Dimensional Multi-Segment Foot Model
Kartogenin Enhances Tendon Graft And Bone Tunnel Healing In A Rat Model
Kartogenin: A Novel Cell Free Treatment Modality for Tendon-Bone Junction Injuries
Mechanical Properties of Gamma Irradiated Versus Non-Gamma Irradiated Dense Cancellous Bone
Methodology for the Audiovisual Analysis of Surgical Team Performance in Orthopedic Ankle Surgery
Plantar Fasciitis Treatment With Particulated Human Amniotic Memebrane
Repeatability of a Multi-Segment Foot Model with a 15-Marker Set in Healthy Children
Stress Distribution within the Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus with Nonshoulder-type and Shoulder-type.
The Association of Hyperlipidemia with Achilles Tendinopathy
The Effects Of Protease-Activated Receptors 1 And 4 In Human Platelet Activation And Inflammation
The Reduced Quantity and Functionality of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Synovium of Charcot Neuroarthropathy
The Use of a Cellular Bone Allograft Containing Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells for Foot and Ankle Arthrodeses
Charcot Neuroarthropathy in Patients with Diabetes: Assessment of Outcomes in 256 Consecutive Patients
Collagen Dressing in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer: A Prospective, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Single-Center Study
Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement by Nurses in the Outpatient Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Safety, Efficacy, and Economic Analysis
Hyaluronic Acid Dressing in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer: A Prospective, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Single-Center Study
Partial Calcanectomy for Heel Ulcers Revisited – a Possible Solution to a Difficult Problem
Resection Arthroplasty for Limb Salvage in Severe Unreconstructable Charcot Joints
Clinical Analysis of the Conservative Treatment for Treating Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis
Effect of Diabetes Mellitus, Peripheral Neuropathy, or Charcot Arthropathy on Workers Compensation Claims
Factors Affecting Foot Self-Care Practices in Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus Living in an Asian Population - A Quantitative Study
Initiation of a Limb Preservation Service at a Tertiary Care Community Hospital Utilizing a Clinical Care Coordinator
Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Comparative Effectiveness Trial Examining Healing, of Acellular-Reticular Human-Dermis Versus Standard Care in Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Salvage of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis With Antibiotic Impregnated Cement Spacer- Long Term Follow Up
The Evaluation of SPECT-CT in the Early Management of Acute Charcot Osteoarthropathy (CN).
The Medial Column Fusion Bolt: Meta-Analysis of Its Medium Term Results.
The Natural History of Charcot Neuroarthropathy: Is the Anatomic Classification Predictive of Long-Term Outcome?
A New Concept of 3D Biometric for Hindfoot Alignment Using Weight Bearing CT.
Bone Block Graft from Calcaneus for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
Comparison of Coronal Subtalar Alignment between Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity Patients and Controls Using Standard CT and Weight-Bearing Multiplanar Imaging
Development of a Predictive Model for the Outcome of Nonsurgical Treatment of Insertional Achilles Tendinosis
Do 3D Printed Calcaneus Models Change Fracture Classification and Surgical Planning?
Effects on the Tarsal Tunnel Following Malerba Z-Type Osteotomy Compared to Standard Lateralizing Calcaneal Osteotomy
Endoscopic Resection for Talocalcaneal Coalition Using Posteromedial Approach: Report of Three Cases
Evaluating the Safety of Percutaneous Dorsolateral Talonavicular Joint Fixation in Modified Double Arthrodesis: An Anatomic Study
Morphology of the Hindfoot in Pes Cavus: A Weightbearing 3D CT Study
Outcomes of a Stepcut Lengthening Calcaneal Osteotomy (SLCO) Compared to Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy for Stage IIb Adult-Acquired Flatfoot Deformity
Pes Planovarus – The Description of a New Foot Form
Surgical Anatomy of a Novel Medial Gastrocnemius Recession versus the Proximal Medial Gastrocnemius Recession
The Use of Calcaneus Osteotomy for Treatment of Symptomatic Muller Weiss Disease.
A Novel Use of Arthroereisis in the Adult Flat Foot
Adult Flexible Flatfoot Due to Insufficiency of Posterior Tibial Tendon: Calcaneo-Stop and Tensioning of PTT in Grade IIA
An Algorithm to Assist the Surgical Decision Making in the Operative Management of the Cavovarus Foot
Biomechanical Comparison of the Holding Strength of a PEEK Locking Dorsal Plate Versus Lag Screw Fixation for Triple Arthrodesis
Comparison of Early Functional Rehabilitation and Cast Immobilization after Minimally Invasive Repair of an Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture
Does Calcaneal Fracture Gap Alter Stress Distribution Across the Subtalar Joint?
Effect of Blood Flow of the Metatarsal Head with Hallux Valgas after Minimally Invasive Distal Linear Metatarsal Osteotomy
Effects of Variations in Dwyer Osteotomy Determined by 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Modeling
Factors Affecting the Formation of Post-Traumatic Subtalar Arthritis Following the Intra-Articular Calcaneal Fracture
How Reliable is Clinical Evaluation in Hindfoot Coronal Alignment?
Instability of the Medial Column Post Triple Arthrodesis for Stage III Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Medializing Calcaneal Osteotomy (MCO) and FDL Transfer as Therapy for Acquired Flat Foot: Comparison of One Year and Intermediate-Term Results.
Subtalar Arthrodesis in Patients With Avascular Necrosis of the Talus
Talar Anatomy and Subtalar Joint Alignment on Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography: Correlation With Radiographic Flatfoot Parameters
The Application of Calcaneal Z Osteotomy in Treating Type ⅡB Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity
The Effect on Radiographic Parameters of Dwyer’s Osteotomy and 1st Metatarsal Osteotomy for Pes Cavo-Varus Correction
The Extensile Lateral Approach to the Calcaneus and the Sural Nerve: There is No Safe Zone
The Use of Cryo-Preserved Umbilical Cord Plus Amniotic Membrane Tissues in the Resection of Tarsal Coalition
The Use of SPECT-CT in the Diagnosis and Surgical Decision Making for the Treatment of Muller-Weiss Disease. A Prospective Study.
Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusion with a Retrograde Triple Bending Nail - 2-Year-Followup Results
Treatment of Atraumatic Subtalar Dislocations in Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity
Evaluation of Brake Response Time Following Primary Bunionectomy Surgery
Male Hallux Valgus Corrected by Translational Osteotomy of First Metatarsal
Management of Hallux Valgus Deformity in Patients with Metatarsus Adductus: A Proposed Treatment Algorithm
Osteoarthritis of Lateral Lisfranc Joint After Lateral Column Lengthening in Flatfoot
Randomised Controlled Trial of Ankle Block Versus Metatarsal Block for First Ray Surgery
Angular Correction with Chevron-Akin Double Osteotomy in Mild, Moderate, and Severe Hallux Valgus
Arthritis in the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint After Proximal Opening Wedge Osteotomy for Moderate to Severe Hallux Valgus Deformity
Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Foot Orthosis for Hallux Valgus: A Prospective One-Year Follow-Up Study
Correction of Hammer Toe Deformity with Novel Intramedullary PIP Fusion Device versus K-Wire fixation
Do Radiographic and Clinical Parameters in the Setting of a Bunion Predict Second Ray Pathology?
First Metatarsophalangeal Arthrodesis for Treatment of Hallux Valgus with Severe Metatarsus Adductus Deformity
First Metatarsophalangeal Contact Properties are Similar Following Proximal Opening Wedge and Scarf Osteotomies
First Tarsometatarsal Joint Mobility in Hallux Valgus: Three-Dimensional Analysis Using Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography and Correlation with Degree of Deformity.
Frontal Plane Rotation of the 1st Metatarsal in Relation to Arch Height
Modified Mitchell Osteotomy Alone Did Not Have Higher Rate Of Residual Metatarsalgia Than Combined First And Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomy
Outcome of Stainsby Forefoot Arthroplasty for Severe Rheumatoid Feet
Results of Single incision Hallux Valgus Surgery
Short versus 'Standard' Scarf Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus Correction
StayFuse™ Intramedullary Implant Stabilization For Management of the Floppy Toe Following Hammertoe Correction Surgery
The Dorsal Intermetatarsal Approach for Plantar Plate and Lateral Collateral Ligament Repair of the Lesser Metatarsophalangeal Joints
Treatment of Severe Hallux Valgus Deformity in Rheumatoid Arthritis With 1st MTP Joint Fusion Combined With Proximal Chevron Metatarsal Osteotomy
A Biomechanical Comparison of First Metatarsophalangeal Arthrodesis Using Crossed Screws and Shape-Memory Staples in Various Configurations
Ankle Block versus Popliteal Fossa Block as Primary Anesthesia for Forefoot Surgical Procedures: A Prospective, Randomized Comparison
Biomechanical Consequences of First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis on Lesser Toes Movement
Comparison of Radiographic Outcomes Between Dynamic Medial Column Stabilization and Lateral Column Lengthening.
Does Arthrodesis of the First Metatarso-Phalangeal Joint Correct the Intermetatarsal M1M2 Angle? Analysis of Continuous Series of 208 Arthrodesis Plate-Osteosyntheses
Early Weight Bearing Following First TMT Arthrodesis
Effect of First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis on PROMIS Functional Outcomes and Radiographic Alignment for Hallux Rigidus
Effect of First Ray Insufficiency and Metatarsal Index on Metatarsalgia in Hallux Valgus
Evaluating Outcomes After Midfoot Bone Block Arthrodesis
Injury Characteristics of Low Energy Lisfranc Injuries Compared with High Energy Injuries
Long-Term Outcome Following Interpositional Arthroplasty of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint
Radiographic Evaluation of Medial Arch Correction of the Flexible Flatfoot Using the Cotton Osteotomy
Retrospective Review of Low Energy Lisfranc Joint Injuries in a Young Athletic Population: Arthrodesis versus Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
Sparing the Naviculocuneiform Joint during Medial Column Stabilization for Rigid Flatfoot Deformity
The Use of Infrared Thermometry in Confirming First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Fusion
Vitamin D Levels and Patients with Metatarsal Fractures
Accurate Measurement of First Metatarsophalangeal Range of Motion in Patients with Hallux Rigidus
Assessment of Foot Alignment in Patients with Hallux Rigidus: the Role of Weightbearing CT scan
Beaming in Charcot Arthropathy- Intramedullary Fixation for Complicated Reconstructions: A Cadaveric Study
Bone-Block Arthrodesis Procedure in Failures of First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Replacement
Comparison of Patients Undergoing 1st MTP Fusion With and Without Lag Screw Fixation for the Treatment of Hallux Rigidus
Comparison of Weil Osteotomy and Cheilectomy for Second Metatarsophalangeal Joint Osteoarthritis.
First Metatarsophalangeal Arthrodesis Fixation with an Intramedullary System: Surgical Technique and Early Results.
Gait Analysis of Patients Suffering From Hallux Valgus
Intermediate Outcomes of Hydrogel Implant for Hallux Rigidus
Metatarsalgia After Hallux Valgus Correction is Associated with Relative First Metatarsal Length
Operative Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint: Arthrodesis Versus Hemiarthroplasty
Pain After Forefoot Surgery Comparing Day-Surgery and Conventional Hospitalization: A Continuous Prospective Study of 317 Patients
Relationship of Sesamoid Position and Other Radiographic Measurements in Hallux Valgus
The Biomechanical Evaluation of Revision First Metatarsophalangeal Arthrodesis: A Cadaveric Study
2016 J. Leonard Goldner Award - Can Initial PROMIS Scores Predict Outcome for Foot and Ankle Patients?
A Two-Year, Prospective, Blinded Analysis of Complications Following Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Adductor Canal Block Versus Femoral Nerve Block for Anesthesia of Hindfoot and Ankle Surgery : Prospective Randomized Trial
Are Hindfoot Procedures More Painful than Forefoot – A Prospective Cohort Study in Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery?
Can Preoperative Risk Factors be used to Predict Unplanned Admission or Readmission Rates? A Study of Foot and Ankle Patients.
Development and Testing of an Expectations Survey for Patients Undergoing Foot and Ankle Surgery
Does Flatfoot Deformity Develop After Transfer of Posterior Tibial Tendon for the Foot Drop Secondary to Peroneal Nerve Palsy?
Flexible Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity: Comparison Between Weightbearing and Nonweightbearing Cone-Beam CT Examinations
Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Patient Comprehension: An Analysis of Risk Factors for Limited Understanding
Reduced Bacterial Growth on Titanium Screws With Nanophase TiO2 Surface Treatment
Spring Ligament Tear Decreases the Ankle and Talonavicular Joint Reaction Forces: Biomechanical Study of the Tibiocalcaneonavicular Ligament Reconstruction
Tendon Resection and Functional Rehabilitation for Achilles Tendon Infection Following Tendon Repair
Timing of Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Preventing Surgical Site Infections in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Two-Year-Followup in 20 Patients After Matrix-Associated Stem Cell Transplantation (MAST) in Chondral Defects of the 1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint
Weight Bearing Compliance after Foot and Ankle Surgery
A Longitudinal Analysis of 25 Years of Foot & Ankle Fellowship Training
Comparative Analysis of Quality of Life, and Sport Activities, After Lower-Limb Joint Replacement: 42 TAAs, 60 TKAs and 132 THAs.
Comparative Study of Mobility and Perceived Exertion for the Wheeled Knee Walker and Axillary Crutches in Healthy Participants
Comparison of Fixed and Unmounted Digital Radiography System in Foot and Ankle Practice
Foot and Ankle Fellowship Websites: An Assessment of Accessibility and Quality
Interobsever Variability of Measurements for Flatfoot Deformity Using High Resolution Weightbearing Cone-Beam CT Examination According to Reader Experience
Limb Preserving Surgical Treatment of Osteomyelitis in the Foot
Patient Comprehension of Foot and Ankle Surgery: An Investigation of Health Literacy
Preoperative Patient and Institutional Factors Influence Anaesthetic Type in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Surgical Repair of Symptomatic Chronic Achilles Tendon Rupture Using Synthetic Graft Augmentation
The Validity of Using ICD-9 Codes for Identifying Venous Thromboembolism Following Below Knee Surgery
Toe Plantarflexion Exercise for Prevention of Falls
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis with Rivaroxaban in Elective Foot and Ankle Surgery
2016 IFFAS Award for Excellence - Peroneal Tendon Repairs: Can Tenodesis or Allograft Reconstruction Restore Physiologic Loading of the Peroneus Brevis and Peroneus Longus Tendons?
2016 Roger A. Mann Award - Comparison of All-Inside Arthroscopic and Open Techniques in Treatment for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability : A Prospective Randomized Trial
3-D CT Analysis of Screw and Suture-Button Fixation for Syndesmosis Repair
Anatomical Lateral and Medial Ligament Reconstruction in Rotational Chronic Ankle Instability
Biomechanical Analysis of a Semitendinosus Allograft versus Achilles Turndown for Reconstruction of Large Segmental Achilles Defects
Can Fifth Metatarsal Morphology Predict Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fracture Risk? A Radiographic Analysis of National Football League Players
Co-Morbidities Are Associated with Increased Cost, Infection Rates, and Duration of Treatment after Primary Achilles Tendon Repair
Complications After Resection of Os Trigonum or Posterior Talar Process
Evaluation of Brake Response Time Following Primary Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery
Freshly Isolated Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for the Treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy: A Randomized Prospective Clinical Trial
Incidence and Union Rate of Avulsion Fracture at the Tip of the Fibula for Ankle Sprain in Children: Prospective Study
Minimally Invasive Lateral Ligaments Reconstruction With Autograft in Patients With Chronic Ankle Instability
Operative Treatment of Fifth Metatarsal Jones Fractures (Zones II and III) in the NBA
Outcomes of Iliac Crest Bone Marrow Aspirate Injection for the Treatment of Recalcitrant Non-Insertional Achilles Tendinitis
Randomized Controlled Trial of Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound for the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis
The Tarsal Navicular Stress Fracture Revisited: The Unequivocal Case For Conservative, Non-Surgical Management
Clinical Comparison of the Two-Stranded Single Krackow and Four-Stranded Double Krackow Techniques for Acute Achilles Tendon Ruptures.
Comparison of MRI and Operative Findings in Peroneal Tendon Disorders in a Military Population
How Knowledge Relates to Confidence in Orthopaedics and Emergency Medicine Regarding Rehabilitation in Foot and Ankle Trauma.
Modified Broström Procedure for Chronic Ankle Instability with Generalized Joint Hypermobility
Pathogenesis of Fifth Metatarsal Stress Fractures in College Soccer Players
Prospective Clinical-Surgical Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Acellular Human-Dermis in the Repair of Tendons-Ligaments of the Foot/Ankle.
Retrospective Chart Review of the Internal Brace Ligament Augmentation Repair in Conjunction with Open Broström Surgery in Ankle patients.
The Effect of Suture Caliber and Number of Core Strands on Repair of Acute Achilles Ruptures: A Biomechanics Study
The Epidemiology of Navicular Injuries at the NFL Combine
Use of the Tendoscopic Modified Das De Procedure for Recurrent Peroneal Tendon Dislocation.
Predictors of Long-Term Functional Outcome in Operative Ankle Fractures
A Prospective Cohort Study of Symptomatic Venous Thromboembolic Events in Foot and Ankle Trauma: The Need for Stratification in Thromboprophylaxis?
Analysis of Clinical Outcomes and Prognostic Factors in Bosworth Fractures
Assessment Inter- and Intraobserver Agreement in Two Radiological Indexes in True Lateral X-Rays View for Syndesmotic Reduction in Ankle Fractures
Buttress Plating versus Anterior-to-Posterior Lag Screws for Fixation of the Posterior Malleolus: A Biomechanical Study
Cost Comparison of Operatively Treated Ankle Fractures Managed in an Inpatient versus Outpatient Setting
Differential Rates of Syndesmotic Fixation in Operatively Treated Ankle Fractures by Subspecialty Training: A Multi-Center Retrospective Review
Does a Patient’s Self-Reported Ability to Weightbear Immediately after Injury Predict Stability for Ankle Fractures
Early Weight Bearing on a Fixed Syndesmosis. Does it Matter?
Economic Burden of Inpatient Admission of Ankle Fractures
Effect of Posterior Malleolus Fracture on Syndesmosis Reduction
Gravity Reduction View: A Novel Radiographic Technique for the Evaluation and Management of Weber B Fibula Fractures
Is Syndesmotic Screw Removal Needed Before Weight-Bearing Ambulation?
Is There a Role for Preoperative CT Scans in Evaluating the Posterior Malleolus in Ankle Fracture-Dislocations?
Morphological Characteristics of the Posterior Malleolus Fragment According to the Ankle Fracture Patterns by Lauge-Hansen: A Computer Tomography Based Study
Most Readmissions Following Ankle Open Reduction Internal Fixation are Unrelated to Surgical Site Issues: An Analysis of 5,056 Cases
Obesity Predicts Lower Risk of Wound Complications following Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Ankle Fractures
Posterior Malleolus Fixation Using a Suture Button
Radiographic Outcomes for Intra-Articular Calcaneus Fractures Treated with a Two-Incision Medial and Lateral Minimally Invasive Approach
Radiographic Outcomes of Lisfranc Injuries Treated with a Suture Button Device
Rigid Syndesmotic Fixation Alters Joint Contact Mechanics and Talar Kinematics
Serial CT Evaluation for the Reduction of the Distal Tibiofibular Joint after Open Reduction and Positional Pinning in Ankle Injuries
Stability of Ankle Fracture-Dislocations Following Successful Closed Reduction
The Predicting Factor for Avascular Necrosis After Talus Fracture ― the Study Based on CT Findings
The Use of a Fibular Nail to Treat Ankle Fractures in Patients With Diabetes: A Prospective Series.
Treatment of Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture with a Standardized Protocol in Normal Clinical Setting
Adjacent Joint Kinematics after Ankle Arthrodesis in Cadaveric Gait Simulation
Ankle and Hindfoot Kinematics After Total Ankle Arthroplasty in Cadaveric Gait Simulation
Ankle Joint Pressure Changes in High Tibial and Distal Femoral Osteotomies
Bone Mineral Density Changes Following Total Ankle Replacement With an Uncemented, Stemmed Prosthesis: A Prospective Cohort Study
CT Scan Outcomes of Ankle Arthrodesis with Anterior Plating
Diagnosis of Deltoid Ligament Contracture in Varus Ankle Osteoarthritis: Talar tilt could predict the contracture of deltoid ligament.
Effect of Facility on the Operative Costs of Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Effect of Subtalar Arthrodesis on Gait Kinematics in the Setting of Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A Study of Cadaveric Gait Simulation
How do 5 Year Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) of Total Ankle Arthroplasty Compare to Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty?
Is the Canadian Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Ankle Arthritis Score (COFAS AAS) Associated with the Need for Revision Surgery?
Is Total Ankle Arthroplasty Justified in Stiff Ankles?
Matrix-Associated Stem Cell Transplantation (MAST) in Chondral Defects of the Ankle is Safe and Effective - 2-Year-Followup in 130 Patients
Measuring Functional Range of Motion in Patients with Ankle Arthritis
Metal Artifact Reduction MRI for Sagittal Balance Evaluation of Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Potential Contribution of Abnormal Talar Dome Lateral-Wall Geometry to Development of Ankle Osteoarthritis
Sagittal Plane Motion of the Ankle and Adjacent Joints in Total Ankle Replacement
Secondary Fusions Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty
STAR™ Ankle: Patient Outcomes at 15 Year Follow Up
Total Ankle Replacement and Simultaneous Subtalar Arthrodesis: CT Scan Evaluation of Fusion Rate
Trabecular Metal Total Ankle Using Transfibular Approach
Validity of a Revision Surgery Classification System for Ankle Arthritis Surgery
What Variables Influence Final Range of Motion Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Wound Complications Following 760 Total Ankle Replacements
A New Surgical Method for the End-Stage Ankle Arthritis–Total Ankle Arthroplasty with Artificial Talus
A Prospective Cohort-Study on the Return to Work and Function Two Years After Surgical Treatment of Tibiotalar Arthritis
AFCP French Total Ankle Replacement Registry: Activity Report of First 3 Years
Anterior Plating with Retention of Nail for Salvage Ankle Arthrodesis After Failed Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusion
Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion: Are Results Reproducible Irrespective Of Pre-Operative Coronal Joint Deformity ?
Assessing the Utilization of Total Ankle Replacement in the US
Blood Transfusion During Total Ankle Arthroplasty is Associated With Increased In-Hospital Complications and Costs
Bone Reconstitution With Synthetic Bone Graft Material for Osseous Defects in Revision Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Total Ankle Arthroplasty with Custom Image Measurement Software.
Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of the Infinity Total Ankle Arthroplasty System: Early Results From a Prospective Single Centre Study
Comparison of Fusion and Complication Rates in Patients with Primary Open Ankle Arthrodesis: With vs. Without Distal Tibiofibular Fusion
Comparison of Two Operative Techniques for Total Ankle Arthroplasty: Intramedullary Referencing vs CT Scan-Derived Patient-Specific Guides
Correlation Between the Talar Tilt Angle and Hindfoot Varus in Medial Ankle OA
Does Ankle Arthritis Cause More Disability Than Other Pathologies of the Foot and Ankle?
Does Post-Traumatic Arthritis Produce Poorer 5 Year Patient Outcomes Following Mobile-Bearing Total Ankle Replacement?
Does Smoking Affect Outcome in Surgical Management of Ankle Arthritis? A COFAS Multicentre Study.
Five to Sixteen Year Follow-Up of the STAR Total Ankle Replacement
Gender Differences in End-Stage Ankle Arthritis
Interest of Tantalum for Arthrodesis-Reconstruction of TAR Revision: Preliminary Results in 11 Cases
Intra-Osseous Arthrodesis Techniques in the Foot and Ankle: Does it Really Hurt Less?
Long-Term Results Of Low Tibial Osteotomy For Ankle Osteoarthritis
Measurement Properties of Total Ankle Replacement Outcome Measures: A Systematic Review
Metal Artifact Reduction MRI of Total Ankle Arthroplasty
Mid- to Long-Term Follow Up of the Salto Mobile Bearing Total Ankle Arthroplasty with Radio Graphic Analysis.
Mid-Term Follow-Up of the Result of Periarticular Osteotomy in Treating Asymmetrical Ankle Arthritis
Outcomes and Complications of Four Total Ankle Arthroplasty: STAR, SALTO, INBONE, and ZIMMER
Outcomes and Complications of Total Ankle Replacement in Patients with Post-traumatic, Primary, and Inflammatory Ankle Arthritis: A Comparative Study
Patient-Centered Outcomes Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty vs Ankle Arthrodesis: A Comparative Cohort Study
Posterior Talar Shifting in Mobile-Bearing and Fix-Bearing Total Ankle Replacement.
Preoperative Templating in Total Ankle Replacement - A Case for 3D Imaging
Primary Open vs. Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis: Comparison of Fusion and Complication Rates
Primary vs. Revision Ankle Arthrodesis: Comparison of Fusion and Complication Rates
Resource Utilization After Ankle Arthritis Surgery: Comparison Between Ankle Replacement, Open and Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion. An Alternative Metric to Complications.
Rethinking Chemoprophylaxis for Total Ankle Replacement
Revision Arthrodesis in the Foot and Ankle: Clinical and Surgical Factors Related to Successful Union
Secondary Procedures in Third Generation Total Ankle Arthroplasties
Swelling Results in Poor Outcome After Ankle Arthritis Surgery
Technique, Complications, and Mid-Term Results of Hindfoot Arthrodesis with a Posterior Blade Plate
The Agility Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A Mid-Term Follow-up Outcome Study
The Circular Arc Internal Fixation for Tibio-Talo-Calcaneal Arthrodesis
The Preoperative ‘6 Pack’ for Patients With Ankle Arthritis.
The Syndesmotic Insufficiency in Mobile Bearing TAR – A Challenging and Underestimated Problem
Total Ankle Arthroplasty Versus Ankle Arthrodesis for Treatment of End-Stage Ankle Arthritis: A Meta-Analysis of the Comparative Studies
Does the Learning Curve of Minimally Invasive Chevron and Akin Osteotomies Affect Outcome of Hallux Valgus Correction?
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